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The Visitations
A Saga of Gods and Men
 by Ruth Norman
a used book in very good condition  only a few known to exist
Publisher: Unarius Academy of Science
Size:11.1 x 8.6 x 2.2 inches

  • ISBN-10: 0932642845 (1987)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0932642844

As early as 1974, Ruth Norman was teaching that UFOs were forefrunners of a spacefleet of an "Intergalactic Confederation" whom she referred to as the "Space Brothers".  She predicted that a flying saucer would come with extra-terrestrials   who   would   reveal  spiritual teachings to a waiting humanity

These beings were to restore the lost teachings of Atlantis to the Earth, and their revelations were to free humanity from crime and disease, ushering in an era of learning.

She was the author of many books which expoused the teachings of the Space Brothers. After their new headquarters opened, Ms. Norman told her students—  and the media — she was an ambassador

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from the Interplanetary Confederation, and, in February 1975, she opened the Unarius Academy of Science. The group annually celebrates the anniversary of the union of Earth and the confederation around October 12.

The Visitation
was the last book Ms. Norman authored before her death in 2001.

You will read in these pages the reason why man has lost his inner and vital life spark, that he is not a singular, material, flesh-ating being, but that he was placed through the spiral of evolution upon the planet's floor to learn through personal experience of this great energy system from which he originated. You will read also of the truth of the Gods which are presently the mythology of Earth world history and that these Gods are the motivating forces for keeping the' Earth upon a progressive evolution - notwithstanding the fact that man has turned away from the Light that was brought by these God Forces.

Clothed in the raiment of man, these Gods have walked through the history of Earth as Orisis, as Isis, Jesus and Mary of Bethany as Hatshepsut and Akhenaton, and to the present time, as Ernest L. Norman and Ruth E. Norman, properly known in the inner worlds as Archangels Raphiel and Uriel.

These great Infinite God Forces, with their twin Rays, Muriel and Michiel, have been the sustaining forces for the beginnings of mankind and -their great battles with the negative or opposing forces of the bight are illustrated in the constant, recurring wars between the night side of life and the Light. Now, this history is, in its implication, a complete syllabus, ratified in the teaching of the Brotherhood of Unarius, providing for all mankind, light-filled direction for each and everyone's progressive evolution into the higher spiritual worlds -leaving forevermore the dross of the material Earth world.