less than 100 bottles available     1/2 oz.         $9.95       
While cleaning out the old store, we found an old cardboard box that contained some beads, old rags and some old mason jars of oil. The label on the jars said "Dr John's Oil of Iniquity".  It label furhter said it was patented in 1858 by John Montenet.  Jean Montenet (or Montenee) was a heavily tattooed fortune-telling “voodoo king”, better known as Dr. John, Bayou John or Prince John, and a student of Santo Dominican spiritual leader Sanite Dede, who is regarded as New Orleans' very first voodoo queen. A well respected freeman of color, Montenet was said by many to to have been a Prince in Senegal. He was most certainly a New Orleans Voodoo Doctor. He had several beautiful wives and mistresses (one of whom may have been Marie Laveau). He was famous for was casting spells, curing illnesses, reading minds, and making gris-gris and powerful potions.
Impressed by the labels, we photo-copied them and used them when we re-bottled the oil.