two books uncovered when the Alpha Book Center moved   

The Stanzas of Dzyan

The first two volumes of the Secret Doctrine are based on the Stanzas of Dzyan which Madame Blavatsky translated in 1888. The Stanzas are here reprinted in convenient form. Included is the third set of stanzas which Mdm Blavatsky had not publishe before her death.


The information in this long-concealed manuscript may now be read for the first time.


The Book of Dzyan (or Dzan - a word which Madame Blavatsky connects with Dhyana) is not in the possession of any European library, and was never head of by European scholarship. Nevertheless it exists, and lies hidden in one of the mysterious rock-libraries of the Himalayas.

         The Quest of the Pearl
The Christian Gnostics taught that there was a particular spiritua experience, called the "Gnosis"" This book is a third century Gnostic Christian parable that may explain the experience of the "Gnosis." At any rate it is enlightening to read the words of a Christian who existed BEFORE the triune doctrine was forulated.
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