The New Age Bible
by Rev. Dr. John Rodgers
Quality paperback        $9.95
This volume contains the first comparative survey that shows the historical relationship of the major religions of the world - Wicca, Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Spiritualism.

    Have you ever thought about the "end of the
world" the Christians refer to?    2000 years ago

the writers of the New Testament said that it was "at hand," but the world is still here! This is because the word "world" (in Greek, aeon) asfound in the New Testament actually means not a planet, but a period or age of human history.

Of course, the world did not come to an end 2000 years ago, but an age did. The era known as the Age of Aries, also calledB.C., an entire civilization came to an end at this time.  The seers and astrologers throughout the world knew about and spoke of a new age to come.

As you read through the New and Old Testaments, you can see that the writers believed that one age (or world) was coming to an end, and thaa new and better age is coming.

Today, right now, we are reliving that same exciting event -  the end of one age and the beginning of another .Thistime it is the Age of Pisces which has ended and the Age of Aquarius which is beginning.

Just as our world-view is changing rapidly at this time, so similar changes took place at the beginning of previous ages.  Those changes are reflected in our history, culture and religions.

Dr. John Rodgers' approach is based on a lifetime of personal research in theology and history.   His unique viewpoints show us how, through the ages, religion has evolved to reflect the evolution of civilization and the growth of human consciousness.

For decades, the author has been a recognized, outspoken authority on New Age philosophy.  He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the founder of the New Age Community Church, the Omega Directory - the oldest metaphysical newspaper in the nation, and the well-known New Age seminary program for which this book was originally written as a text..