About the Alpha Book Center
         Everyone tells us our store has a special, peaceful vibration where you will find a beautiful range of inspiring metaphysical and pagan items, and we would like to be your personal store.  With 1000's of products to choose from, and daily updates, you'll find inspiration for
any path you may be on.
We are all volunteers, including me and my husband, who spent his life exploring every culture,
magickal tradition, and spiritual system.
   Find all the books and supplies you need to practice your beliefs or explore new ideas.
There are also candles, crystals, pendulums, tarot cards, incense and DVDs. We regularly host
book signings, discussion groups, and classes on magic, metaphysics and more.  
         The Alpha Book Center was founded by my husband John in 1971 and has been my life for over 35 years. At first it was just part-time, but as this wonderful store grew, it grew on me, too. My journey with the store began when it was just an aisle in Al's Family Bookstore on East Van Buren.
Then we moved to fill out our own building at 1928 E. McDowell. When we first  moved in
we only filled the first third of the store. A year or so later we expanded  and we kept
expanding until the store was packed from the front door to the back.
(see the photos in our history gallery). My husband put a lot of his creativity into
finding more space to put new things and arranging things to make more room.
         The Alpha Book Center has been my life and my family. Over the years, I have had the privilege of interacting with lots of wonderful customers as well as gifted psychics and look forward to many more years to come.If you live in or plan to visit the Phoenix area, be sure to visit this store. when you are on vacation please drop by and see us!

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Rev. Thomas "Randy" MacKay died August 25 after many years of suffering with MS. He was an ordained New Age minister who served for years on the Board of Directors of the New Age Community Church, and worked at the Alpha Book Center. MacKay was born April 4, 1947, in New Glascow, Nova Scotia, Canada. He came to this country when he was five but remained a Canadian citizen all his life.

He worked primarily as an auto mechanic, but also dabbled in electronic repairs. He joined the New Age Community Church, studied in the seminary program and became a minister. He functioned on the NACC Board of Director for many years. And worked at the store for many years.

He is survived by his wife Susan MacKay, three sons— Thomas jr, Craig and Troy— and five grandchildren.

Always ready to volunteer his services, “he was a wild and crazy guy,” said his widow

The History of the Store

The store has served the Valley for over 45 years. In 1968 John Rodgers took a job at Al's Family Book Store at 16th Street and Van Buren.  A year later the store moved down the street to 1454 E. Van Buren. There, John persuaded the owner to carry a few metaphysical items.   When the own, Saul Weiner, cleared out an aisle of merchandise that wasn't selling, John suggested he fill the empty aisle with metaphysical books.  A few years later, Saul sold the business. The new owner moved the metaphysical aisle to its own building on Scottsdale's Fifth Avenue. It was called Alpha Book Shop. (that sign can now be seen in the used book section of Alpha Book Center.) That was the year of the great recession. The store failed and the merchandise was moved back to Al's Family Book Store. Still suffering financially, Jack offered to sell the metaphysical section John Rodgers in exchange for free labor. John agreed to the free labor, but decided it should be sold to the New Age Community Church.

It was only one aisle,  Are you aware that back then, metaphysics was known only to a few? It was for this reason that the Omega Directory was started to inform and educate the public. After seven years the contract was  paid off and they moved the merchandise to 1928 E. McDowell where they stayed for 25 years - through thick and thin, and even a fire that burned the store down.(They rebuilt it.)  Around 1990 Randy MacKay discovered our store and eventually became a valuable volunteer.

In 2008 the entire building (including three other stores) was taken over by a large business who asked them to move on. At first they thought it was unfortunate that they had to leave, but it turned out to be a blessing.  The new store is lovely and twice as big as the old one. It is located in a very pleasant neighborhood. After the store moved to Seventh Street, the sign over the awning was taken too and has been turned into a counter. (You can still see the store name on it.)