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Starting as a small pagan store in 1971, Alpha grew into one of the largest Pagan, and New Age stores in the state! We now specialize in rare, out-of-print and discount books, ritual tools and mystical products. If you can't find what your looking for anywhere else, check our catalog and you may find it here!

books books - rare: new and used
The Amazing Power of Solar Kinetics  by Madelene Morris     $70
As A Man Thinketh     booklet by James Allen    $2.50

Ascended  Master Light  hardcover  $35
Awareness Techniques    booklet  by William Swygard   $2.50
Be Here Now  softcover  by Baba Ram Das    $12
Bhagavad Gita   hardback  by Yogi Ramachakraka    $10

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin hardcover      $20
The Divine Plan by Geoffrey Barborka    $45

Esoteric Chrisitanity  by Annie Besant     $45
Crystal Dictionary    booklet   $1.95
Godwin's Caballistic Encyclopedia unknown first edition     $100
The Finished Kingdom by Lillian De Waters     $10

Hidden History    booklet    $1.95
Hidden Teachings of the Initiate Masters by S. Clymer  $50
Hitler's Religion   by Richard Weikart      $25
How to Curse Your Enemies    booklet   $1.95
How to Make Magic Work     booklet    $1.95
How to Meditate   softcover  by Lawrence Le Shan     $9
How to Use the Pendulum       booklet  $1.95

I Am Discourses vol. 9 hardcover   $35
I Am Discourses vol. 10 hardcover   $35
In Tune with the Finite by Thomas Masson hardcover 1928    $39
Invocation of the Gods by Ellen Cannon Reed    $10
It Works!     booklet by RHJ     $1.95
 Journey Through the Twelve Forests by David L. Haberman   $29
 Lost Books of the Bible    softcover    $18
Macro Study Guide    booklet by Thea Alexander  $25
Magic: Its Rites and History by M. Bouisson   $20
Nag Hammadi Scriptures    softback by Meyer & Pagels    $18
New Age Bible      softcover by Rev. John Rodgers     $9.95
New Light upon the Lives of Mary and Jesus  1928    $20
Numerology      booklet    $1.95
The Parousia first edition by J. Stuart Russell    $25
The Quest of the Pearl   ancient Gnostic text    $3
Satanic Bible     paperback  by Anton LaVey    $7.99
Satanic Rituals      paperback  by Anton La Vey    $7.99
 Secret Destiny of America hardcover 1972   by M. Hall  $40
The Secrets of the Pentagram     booklet   $1.95
Sex and Sweethearts      booklet by Vernon Howard   $1.50
he Soncino Chumash, ed. Rev. Dr. A. Cohen     $20
Stanzas of Dzyan     booklet by M. Blavatsky  $3
Things that Go Bump in the Night    booklet   $1.95
Using the Magic Wand    booklet      $1.95
Using the Ouija Board     booklet    $1.95
The Visitations  by Ruth Norman  hardcover  $420
Wisdom of the Ages  by George Fuller     $45
Your Power to Say No     booklet by Vernon Howard   $2

metaphysical and magical items
Dreaming Way Tarot Deck     $12
Elfen  protection talisman    $4.95
Krishna    12" brass statue   $59
Manara: Erotic Tarot Deck  Lo Scarabio edition   $19.95

Medicine Woman Tarot Deck   $14
Mexican Magical Fetish   carved & painted wood 18 inches    $195
Shapeshifter Tarot Deck     $14
Shining Angel Tarot Deck    $16
Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall     $19.95

oils, incense, supplies  
oIls are moving so fast. Best to call and see what's in stock
Eye of the Cat blended magic oils 1/4 fl oz $3. 95  

Oil of Inquity    black magick oil    1/4 fl  oz   $9.95
Holy Water   true and pure        3-3/4 fl oz   $10.95
Sheepskin (Vellum)Parchment  $7.95   
15-15-minute  psychic reading    $10.00
 15-minute healing session    $10.00